AeroTek’s coatings and processes include electroplating, anodizing, chemical conversions, paint, dry film lubricant, ion vapour deposition of aluminum as well as ancillary services, including blasting, hydrogen de-embrittlement, heat-treatment, cleaning, maintenance repair and overhaul, and sub-assembly—all under one roof and managed as a one-stop shop.

If you require a process not currently available at AeroTek, speak to your AeroTek representative to discuss implementing the process in-house or AeroTek will find and manage the out-sourced service for you, as your one-stop shop for processing services. AeroTek has developed close relationships with its out-sourced suppliers, including NDT and heat-treatment with preferred turnaround times and pricing.


As an ISO 9001:2000, AS9100 and NADCAP-certified aerospace processing facility as well as a participant of Bombardier’s prestigious 5-Star supplier program, AeroTek is dedicated to providing its customers and end-users with the utmost in top-quality product and service.

In order to successfully maintain the best quality product and service to its customers, AeroTek endeavours to continuously improve its services and operational performance.

In order to do so, AeroTek has adopted certain key performance indicators, including:

• AeroTek’s Overall Turn Around Time (TAT) (view chart here)

• AeroTek’s Equipment Uptime (view chart here)

• AeroTek’s Monthly Accident Report (view chart here)

Customer Response Policy

In addition, AeroTek is dedicated to provide the best possible service to its customers as well as the OEM end user. To this end, AeroTek is dedicated to continuously improve our customer response time through implementation of customer feedback recommendations where possible. Read more about AeroTek’s Customer Response Policy.

Continuous Improvement at AeroTek

Trained in lean manufacturing, AeroTek’s executive management are well aware of today’s international economic environment of cost-cutting and cost-containment that is also prevalent in today’s aerospace industry.

In keeping with this industry and worldwide policy, AeroTek works closely with its customers and OEMs to continuously improve its processes and thereby pass its cost savings back to the customer.

Contact AeroTek to discuss any cost saving initiatives with the AeroTek team today.