History of AeroTek

Originally established as a division of Dowty Ltd, AeroTek’s business became independent in 1950 and relocated its facility to Whitby, Ontario, Canada, in 1981, where it still operates its business today.

In 2006, AeroTek Manufacturing Ltd. was established by senior executives from the Canadian aerospace industry and took over the Whitby, ON-business. Since that time, AeroTek’s business has grown 3-fold and continues to grow today.

AeroTek’s senior executives and stakeholders bring numerous years of successful legal, entrepreneurial, aerospace and operations management experience to the business.

Today, AeroTek is a Bombardier 5-Star Preferred Supplier (working on 4 Star actions), a Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. preferred supplier and a Boeing Preferred Supplier. AeroTek prides itself in being able to work closely with its customers and major OEMs to ensure yours and your customer’s total satisfaction.

Contact your AeroTek representative at 905-666-3400 and enquire about any existing or new process that you require.