Originally established as a division of the landing gear manufacturer, Dowty,in Ajax, Ontario, AeroTek’s business became independent in 1950, moving its business in 1981 to its present-day 27,000 sq. ft. facility in Whitby, Ontario, close to Hwy 401.


Since 2006, with new management and ownership, AeroTek has established itself as the “GO-TO” aerospace processing company in the Toronto GTA, providing key aerospace OEMs and sub-tiers with the fastest turnaround times in the industry (normal lead time: 7 business days per process; and expedited same day service on demand) and 99% on-time delivery, while maintaining top-quality product and service.

AeroTek’s flexible and responsive customer service, top-quality product, and competitive pricing have ensured that aerospace OEMs and sub-tiers keep coming back to AeroTek.

If you have an urgent order, count on AeroTek to provide the fastest turnaround times and on-time delivery–even on weekends and holidays. Contact your AeroTek representative about your urgent order or your special instructions/requirements. AeroTek’s management team will make sure your needs are met!

AeroTek also provides a one-stop shop for all your processing needs, including:

  •  Electroplating
  •  Anodizing
  •  Chemical Conversions
  •  Paint
  •  Ion Vapour Deposition of Aluminum
  •  Heat-Treatment & Hydrogen De-Embrittlement
  •  Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
  •  Sub-Assembly
  •  Non-Destructive Testing


AeroTek’s vision is to become the No. 1 supplier of aerospace and metal coatings worldwide.


AeroTek’s mission is to provide customers with:
“Quick Turnaround, Top Quality Parts, at a Low Total Cost”


At AeroTek, we conduct our dealings with customers, suppliers and all stakeholders with perfectionism, teamwork and professionalism.

Perfectionism – At AeroTek, we strive to make the best possible product for our customers. We will not pass on a known defect and continuously work to make our product better.

Teamwork – We believe in working closely as a team in every aspect of our business, from helping out our work colleagues and customers, to sharing ideas, to problem solving and project implementation. Interaction with our team members is a vital part of everyone’s job.

Professionalism – At AeroTek, we treat our customers with professionalism and courteousness. Our customers are of utmost importance to our business and we strive to keep them happy at all times.

AeroTek is 

“Customer-focused, Results-oriented and Innovative, while at the same time, committed to the environment, and the health and safety of everyone.” 

AeroTek’s Environmental Policy

AeroTek is committed to protecting the environment and safeguarding our world for our children and future generations. AeroTek abides by all applicable federal, provincial and other regulation on the environment and the area in which we operate. If you have any issues or queries about how AeroTek operates its facility or its processes. 

For more information, read more about AeroTek’s Environmental Policy here.

Social Responsibility at AeroTek

AeroTek is also committed to its local community. In keeping with this spirit, AeroTek has continuously contributed back to its community in various forms.

Some of these include:

  • Contributions to the Royal Canadian Air Cadets
  • Donation of patient examination bed to the Colbourg  Cougars Junior A Ontario Hockey Team
  • Participation in University of Guelph Co-op Student Programme

AeroTek encourages its employees to provide ideas as to ways in which the company can give back to its community. It is the people that make the company and the world we live in today. Let’s preserve it! And, let’s show our thanks to all its participants and contributors!

Read more about AeroTek’s Social Responsibility Policy here.



Originally established as a division of Dowty Ltd, AeroTek’s business became independent in 1950 and relocated its facility to Whitby, Ontario, Canada, in 1981, where it still operates its business today.

In 2006, AeroTek Manufacturing Ltd. was established by senior executives from the Canadian aerospace industry and took over the Whitby, ON-business. Since that time, AeroTek’s business has grown 3-fold and continues to grow today.

AeroTek’s senior executives and stakeholders bring numerous years of successful legal, entrepreneurial, aerospace and operations management experience to the business.

Today, AeroTek is a Bombardier 5-Star Preferred Supplier (working on 4 Star actions), a Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. preferred supplier and a Boeing Preferred Supplier. AeroTek prides itself in being able to work closely with its customers and major OEMs to ensure yours and your customer’s total satisfaction.

Contact your AeroTek representative at 905-666-3400 and enquire about any existing or new process that you require.

Company Profile

AeroTek’s Management Team brings many years of successful legal, entrepreneurial, aerospace and operations management, as well as chemical processing experience to the business:

Jonathan Schofield, President and Director of Quality 

Formerly COO of Coretec and VP, Operations at Messier-Dowty, Mr. Schofield brings more than 30 years’ operational experience in the aerospace industry. He holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree and an Masters of Business Administration from the Rotman School of Business.

Vera Lo, VP, Business Development, General Counsel & Company Secretary

Formerly, Legal Counsel to the FILA Group in the Far East, Ms. Lo brings numerous years of international legal experience, as well as experience working with business startups. She is qualified as a solicitor in the Hongkong SAR as well as in England and Wales, and holds an Masters of Business Administration from the Rotman School of Business.

Cathy Geddis, Vice President/General Manager

Formerly GM, General Magnaplate, Ms. Geddis brings close to 30 years’ of chemical processing experience to AeroTek.

Robert Geddis, Plant Manager

Formerly Plant Manager, General Magnaplate, Mr. Geddis brings close to 25 years’ of chemical processing and operations experience to AeroTek.

Matthew Schofield Quality Assurance Manager

With nearly 10 years of experience working for AeroTek, Matthew has hands-on experience working in the plant, office, and laboratory. Formerly AeroTek’s engineering technician Matthew brings practical and technical knowledge to his position at AeroTek.